E-comLebanon.com is the largest Online Media Buying agency in Lebanon covering local portals. It was among the very first companies in Lebanon and the Middle East to offer Online Marketing services back in 2000.

During the past 18 years, we have launched the biggest online display / banner advertising campaigns in the country (see chart on the right), targeting both local internet users and Lebanese expatriates. 

Our online marketing experts and strategists have hence gained extensive experience in the field and valuable knowledge on users' profiles visiting the various Lebanese and Middle Eastern web sites. 

Based on your product / service / business to advertise, our firm does the following:

1)-Handles the full Online Media Planning, Booking, and Buying of your e-campaign, by choosing the most appropriate websites, ad locations, and timing, in order to target your audience properly and with optimum visibility. 

2)-Offers you increased exposure on the highly visited Lebanese websites at lower prices, because of the huge volume of ads which we book and buy on the various portals.

3)-Designs your banners to maximize your click-thru rate (CTR).

4)-Follows up on your campaign from launching till completion, and monitors statistics with the aim of improving results and optimizing response rates. This is a crucial step for maximizing the efficiency of your campaign and return on your investment. 

Should you wish to advertise online in Lebanon and the Middle East, contact our online media planners / buyers at info@e-comlebanon.com

We have launched the largest digital   campaigns  in  Lebanon