With our 19-year experience in E-commerce in Lebanon and the Middle East acquired through our successful e-business firm BuyLebanese.com, our consultants and specialists will help you get the most out of your online B2C or B2B platform by:

1)-Assisting with guidelines on improving design, content, layout, and user friendliness, for a better customer experience.

2)-Optimizing your funnels and boosting consumer confidence to achieve better conversion rates and generate more leads.

3)-Improving security / minimizing the risk of fraud to help better protect your data and customers. 

4)-Optimizing your shipping service depending on your Target Market, so as to save on shipping fees and related charges, and minimize problems with international Customs.

5)-Helping improve your customer retention and customer service.

6)-Launching and promoting your project online efficiently through SEO and cost effective online advertising campaigns on properly chosen portals in Lebanon, the Middle East and the Gulf region.

7)-Analyzing statistics to better understand how people interact with your website and help you improve its performance.

We can assist you with your E-commerce projects in Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the UAE (Dubai or Abu Dhabi) and the KSA. 

For more info about our e-consultancy services, e-mail our e-commerce experts at info@e-comlebanon.com

One of our projects
  • BuyLebanese
    www.BuyLebanese.com is a renowned Lebanese Ecommerce website and was one of the first to operate in the Middle East. It was launched in 2000 and currently serves clients in more than 130 countries. It was promoted solely through SEO services and Internet marketing campaigns, while relying on a well optimized platform aimed at generating leads, reducing operational costs, and offering a great customer experience.